In Summer 2016 we shall be curating an exhibition on the stunning island of St. Martins in the Scilly Isles, and running a symposium to create new sculptures inspired by the islands. This is a collaboration with Karma Hotels, an award-winning international travel and lifestyle brand offering extraordinary experiences in the world’s most beautiful locations. To keep up to date on our progress, or to apply to take part in the symposium please see here.

Chelsea 2016 promises to be a great year for our artists. We are supplying art for some of the show’s biggest designers and top show gardens. Many of our artists will be showing their new works at the show and we will be running tours with unparalleled access for our clients and guests. For information on our collaborations with some of the country’s top design talent please see here.

In 2015 we exhibited around 40 pieces of the best of British sculpture in the baking sun of southern France. As temporary exhibitions go it was a roaring success, with some excellent feedback from our new friends. Collaborating with one of the world’s top garden designers, and one of France’s best lighting designers, led to a quite magical space. To see images please see here.

In 2014 we collaborated with Forum to host the first National Sculpture Symposium on the grounds of Riverhill House. Six artists from all over the country came and lived on the grounds of Riverhill House and created artwork inspired by the history of the gardens. Sculptural symposia are strangely rare in the UK, which we cannot understand as this was great fun. To see what the artists came up with in response to the brief see here.

We were approached by the RHS back in 2013 to create and curate a sculptural trail throughout the show. These became ‘micro-gardens’ each with a single piece of art and custom-designed planting schemes. An extremely hot July saw us frazzle, the grass brown to the point of disappearing, but the artworks looked extremely cool. To see more please click here.

To mark the centenary year of the Flower Show we went all out and built a garden complete with treehouse and specifically-commissioned sculptures to evoke the feeling of a WW1 woodland. Charred wood, haunting sculpture, tall skeletal metal trees, a soundtrack married to a light installation, and (perhaps most crucially) a well-stocked champagne fridge. We won the Merit for Outstanding Presentation and the stand was judged one of the show’s best. To relive the week please see here.

Marshall Murray debuted at Chelsea in 2012 and caught the Chelsea bug from the start.  We just loved being involved in something so manic, constricted, yet exhilarating and fascinating, surrounded by some of the world's best garden designers and witnessing first hand the creation of mature gardens in a matter of days.  For images of our award-winning stand please see here.

2012 also saw us featuring on our favourite television programmes - Grand Designs. Sourcing artwork for the show was a wonderful project and the completed house is a fantastic modernist piece of architecture. To watch the show (service only available in the UK), see photos from the site and read about our collaboration please click here.

In Spring 2013 we launched a three year exhibition in collaboration with Riverhill House, a stunning Kentish estate with historically significant grounds and Britain's finest artwork set against some of the best views in southern England. To learn more about the garden, or to enquire about purchasing art that you may have seen at the estate you can do so here.