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Adam creates and glazes stunning ceramic moon jars from clay local to his Pembrokeshire studio. The colours and textures of the Welsh coastline inspire his exquisite glazes; cool grey skies, sandy beaches, black rocky outcrops.

The collection and use of local materials is integral to his work. Adam sources his own local materials, using them unrefined to show his personal relationship with the landscape, the materials within it and his past experiences from where they were collected. His Earth to Earth project was a series of time-lapse photographs of an unfired clay jar sitting in the landscape from which it was sourced, charting the clays reintegration to the earth. The simple geometric form of the jars allows for a neutral canvas for his understated decoration. Moon Jars (dal hang-ari) are a Korean form from the Choson dynasty, symbols of the epitome of the austere Confucian virtues of purity, honesty and modesty.

In December 2012 Adam was shortlisted for the Jerwood Makers Open, an extremely prestigious award given rising stars in the world of applied arts.