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Michael studied at Chelsea College of Fine Art and for the past fourteen years has been working from his studio close to Tate Modern in London. His work sells to private collectors around the world.

In his work Michael draws heavily from his own personal experiences, presenting his interpretation of the human condition. Our environment, our families, our neighbours, and the society we live in all are interlinked and interdependent. As he explores the balance between conflicting forces and emotions, his work is visually striking and reflects a passion and enthusiasm for life.

Increasingly his public work can be seen globally. One of his pieces swapped places with an Antony Gormley in the South of France. Another was shipped to the USA to stand outside a law school in Philadelphia. Six new sculptures now compliment a prestigious new development in Hong Kong. Large scale works have been created for a significant collector in the Middle East and a solo show is scheduled at a Mayfair gallery in the Autumn of this year.