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Ben is based in Bath, in the South West of England, where he creates his work using marble, bronze, stone and glass, often mixing the media for different pieces and projects.

His career is focused on the figure:, his range of works fuse the traditional materials of the past with the modern world, presenting the viewer with the seductive surface of the fragmented figure. His childhood was spent in a house filled with music, his late father, Dr Christopher Dearnley, was first organist at Salisbury cathedral and then of St Paul's Cathedral. Music has always been a key influence for Ben, he has begun work on pieces that blur the line between instrument and sculpture, starting with an aeolian harp.

In 1997 he began his studies carving stone with a master of the form, Les Sandham. This inspirational sculptor showed me the truth of material and gave light to my own practice which began with the first strike of the hammer. Finding the shape hidden in stone is Ben's motivation and purpose, for as Cicero said, "Each thing contains within itself the germ of its own future".

His Avenue of Champions series, a collaboration with some of Britain's finest Olympic and Paralympics athletes to commemorate the 2012 Olympic Games saw Ben reach a wide audience, his work with Mark Foster a particular highlight.