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Heather's pieces epitomise much of what we love when curating and selecting art. Her driftwood horses are paired back and elegant, the musculature and movement of the animal captured exquisitely yet they leave enough out for the mind of the viewer to fill in the empty spaces. Her love of all things equine is clear - not one piece leaves her studio until she feels that she can do no more. This, in addition to her popularity, explains the waiting list of up to three years for original pieces.

To give her clients the ability to own her work in advance of this commissioning period Heather began to have her work cast in bronze. This led her to work with such expert foundries that her limited editions of five bronzes are almost indistinguishable from their driftwood counterpart.

For more information on these truly remarkable sculptures, from full sized Arabian mares to her busts and internal pieces, please contact us for her available work.