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The essence of Barbara's sculpture relates to themes of openness, communication and personal development. These are reflected in the large scale outdoor works, showing socials groups in outline form trying to become complete by communicating with each other. The dependency of family and friends upon each other are also key to an understanding of her pieces, figures.

Barbara spent time in Barcelona, studying the work of some of her key influences in Tapies and Subarach, artists that played a special part in her development who were strongly led by ideas and emotional resonance. Gerhard Richter has been an important influence in his view that things are not always as they seem, hence Barbara's initial interest in abstraction through her painting. Further studies at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, New York and Venice, and the Bauhaus in Berlin, helped Barbara find her own individual means of expression. Closer to home, Dame Elisabeth Frink and Lynn Chadwick have also been hugely influential.

Light, energy, warmth and movement all play an integral part in Barbara's sculpture and these are constant themes throughout the collection. The rich tones in bronze come in either a chestnut or charcoal finish depending on the client's preference, though all are limited editions. Commissions can be arranged should a client wish for a particular number of figures, however their composition and relation to each other is an artistic and aesthetic decision.Barbara's work suits external placement just as well as internally, a set of the figures has even been used to delineate internal space - perhaps the most beautiful semi-opaque wall I can imagine.