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According to Matthew ''carving into the stone is like digging into your own soul.'' Working predominantly in limestone, sandstone, and Carara marble, Simmonds creates sculptures that strive for a new edification of space. His designs are works of juxtaposition; light against darkness, matter against non-matter, presence against absence.

Matthew Simmonds trained as an architectural stone carver after graduating with a degree in History of Art. Fascinated with buildings from an early age, classic and medieval stone architecture soon became a central theme of his work, as he explores the relationship between architecture and ornamentation.

Having helped to restore Westminster Abbey and Ely Cathedral, Simmonds is acutely aware of the emotional resonance that buildings can create, viewing them as places of stability, tranquility, solace and rest. His works correspond to this idea of the building as mental and emotion refuge, his aim being to create sculptures that we long to inhabit. His use of light is crucial to revealing the intricacy of his ornamentation and defining the boundaries of his structures.

It was in 1999 that he gained recognition as an international sculptor, winning first prize at the Verona International Sculpture Symposium. Since then, he has participated in various sculpture symposiums worldwide, and has taken part in public commissions in Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Lebanon and Albania. He is currently living and working in Pietrasanta, Italy, where he now specialises in classical marble sculpture.