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Sally sculpts living space in cast glass. Working with geometry as a starting point her approach to form is to blend the organic and the man made. The resulting sculptures flow through strong rhythmical forms that play with refracted light as it crosses a garden.

When installed in or around water the glass pieces appear to ebb and flow, when in lush planting the changing floral colours shine through the clean surfaces. Some worry about glass in a garden, seeing it as fragile and liable to need time consuming maintenance, concerns that have no basis.Glass is a fantastic medium for exterior design, creating subtle refractions of the surrounding colours and as comfortable blending in to a scheme as creating focal points.

Her solo work has been sold internationally to some exquisite properties, both residential and commercial, on occasion these pieces are commissioned however her preferred style is to create work that moves her and then to find a home for it. She regularly collaborates with Richard Jackson, also represented by Marshall Murray, to create larger works.

What moved me most when seeing her portfolio for the first time was the variety of finishes and textures she had teased out of glass.The use of clean and sharp lines was expected, the indentations made by clay moulds gave the glass depth and the light patterning I had not seen before. In places her glass bubbles and swells, the closer one looks the more one sees.