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Fascinated with the human form, Rick works primarily in stainless and mild steel, creating sculptures that range from a modest 1m to a stately 10m in height. His work bears the marks of his education, having studied in the 70s ''age of deconstruction'', we see semblance in the granulated texture of his work, where his distinctive pixelated style, and his unique configurations of figures see the juxtaposition of the cold and industrial, against the warm, human form.

Rick Kirby studied at Somerset College of Arts, before gaining a BA from Newport School of Art, graduating in 1973. Uncertain of what shape his own work would take, Rick initially worked solely in stone. It was following his transition into metalwork that he began his rise to prominence, as he began to take advantage of the possibilities of scale and nuance that steel allowed.

Since then, he has developed an impressive portfolio of works that have been exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. His extensive list of exhibitions include Chelsea Flower Show, the William Morris Sculpture In The Park, as well as solo exhibitions at The Mall Gallery, Riba Sculpture Court, and the Guildhall Art Centre. You can see his work directly at our sculpture garden

The son of a naval officer, industrial influences have appeared predominate in his life, and have no doubt contributed to his acute awareness of the fragility and fluidity of the metal with which he works, figures in mild steel showing signs of weathering and aging.