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Ben's love of sailing and the sea are major influences on his portfolio. The patterns of water caused by the wake of yachts, the aerodynamics of aquatic life and the swirls of the ocean can all be seen in his work. Having spent time designing the keels of boats his appreciation of flowing lines and movement are exquisite.

Sinuous curves envelop both his sculpture and seating, the latter blurring the line between the two.

Cantilevered benches appear to defy gravity, while sweeping public works flow into the sky, creating a sensation both of space and motion. Having showed Ben's work at a number of exhibitions we love seeing our clients interactions with the pieces - they have such a tactile element that, combined with their contemporary curvilinear form, encourage passers by to stroke them, test them as if to confirm that they are indeed intended to be sat on. As at home internally as externally this range of work is quite extraordinary.